2020, what a year you have been! A disease came upon our land that affected the entire world, many lives have been lost, many people have been awakened, many people are experiencing hardships and some are doing better than ever. So the world is going through a true shake-up and everyone has felt it… no one has been left out of it.

So when it comes to fashion, beauty, and retail the ramifications have been hard for big box companies and the small boutiques alike, along with fashion entrepreneurs such as myself. As a fashion stylist, that also does home organization for clients as well, my business slowed down for the first few months of the pandemic. However, for the last few months I have been able to acquire clients to do some home edits and to style some virtually and in-person to assist them with transitions that they are going through and to get accumulated back into a rhythm in their lives.

Because I am not sure what normal looked like before and no clue what it will look like after. I believe that we have to begin to embrace what this new era will look like and not throw away 2020, because who says 2021 will be better for us. I have stated all year long that I will not throw 2020 away, however it has been difficult for many of us but we are living to tell about it! So please be mindful of what you speak over your life and others. Be grateful for life, health, and strength daily.

So embrace the remainder of the year and live everyday with gratitude, prepare for your future and live in your present!

Until Next Time!